How high schools can help community colleges

On Community College Spotlight: High schools can help community colleges by linking education to a future job.

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  1. When I was in ES and the dinosaurs roamed the land, all teachers explicitly taught not only academic content and skills but the habits and behaviors that enabled success, both at school and in the workplace; self-control, perseverence, good manners and the like. That was in the fifties and was true of both public and private (mostly Catholic in the Northeast) schools. Many kids came from homes where English was not spoken and many immigrant parents had not graduated from HS and were unfamiliar with American culture and expectations. The same should be done today; a clear message from kindergarten Day 1; this is what you are expected to do and doing so will enable you to acquire an education and the prospect of future employment. Failing to teach at-risk these things and failing to enforce them is a dereliction of duty on the part of the schools. The street/community culture should never be allowed to interfere with the educational process.

  2. Sean Mays says:

    I came to teaching late in life after having been a first generation college grad myself, worked on Wall Street and management consulting; then started teaching math. I was amazed how poor kids understanding was of what those in ed school called the “codes of power.” These were high school kids –
    Couldn’t show up for the bell
    “Can I” not “May I” – especially for the bathroom. Several of them almost didn’t make it, but they eventually learned
    Little to no impulse control
    Poor diction and annunciation (Can I axe you a question?). No, but you may ask 🙂

    How that happened I don’t know, but I tried to make the expectations clear for them and model that. So many jobs and situations it’s so easy to be dismissed because you don’t know how the system works.