Biden: Here’s how to graduate more

States must set ambitious college-completion goals to help make the U.S. first in the world in college graduates by 2020, said Vice President Joe Biden at the Building a Grad Nation summit in Washington. Biden announced a 23-page “College Completion Tool Kit” with recommended strategies.

Also on Community College SpotlightJob training is the focus of today’s regional community college summit at Indiana’s Ivy Tech, a leader in college-industry partnerships.

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  1. This is just wishful thinking.

  2. Mark Roulo says:

    No it isn’t just wishful thinking.

    We could grant everyone a college degree upon reaching a specific age. Say, 22.

  3. “Set goals and develop an action plan.” (Why didn’t *we* think of this before?)

    ” Embrace performance-based funding.” (No Child Left Behind?)

    ” Use data to drive decision making.” (What are they using the data for in the first place?)

    ” Accelerate learning and reduce costs.” (Uh huh. We spend more than practically every other country for K-12 education. Some governors are trying to reduce costs – WI and NJ, for example – and we’ve seen the reaction. Quite ugly.)

    Joe Biden isn’t an education expert. I wonder who wrote these for him?

  4. Someone who has less brains than he does, I’d imagine…