Women top men in bachelor’s degrees

Twenty-three percent of women, but only 14 percent of men, complete a bachelor’s degree by age 23, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report that uses the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

“We’ve seen this great transformation in the workforce away from manufacturing toward more of a service economy,” (BLS economist Jay) Meisenheimer said. “Now that there are more opportunities for women to work, we’re seeing a growing number completing high school and college and going on to graduate and professional programs.”

At the age of 22, 10 percent of respondents had completed a bachelor’s degree  and another 27 percent were enrolled in college.

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  1. Perhaps women are just on average more mature in their late teens and early 20’s then men are. What’s the completion rate by age 30?

    I know a number of bright but “late blooming” individuals (nearly all males) who needed some time after high school to grow up. After working for a few years or doing a stint in the military they were able to successfully enter college and earn their degrees. What’s the big deal if someone finishes college in his/her late 20’s vs. at 22?

  2. Perhaps college is the new “barefoot and pregnant.” The patriarchal universities are saddling women with oppressive debt loads they will struggle beneath for the rest of their lives.