School lets student carry Sikh dagger

A Detroit-area school district will let Sikh students carry a small dagger with a dulled point. The kirpan represents a Sikh’s commitment to fight evil. Males are expected to carry it at all times.  In California schools, Sikh students usually carry a cardboard kirpan. I’m surprised that wasn’t the solution in Michigan.

A 14-year-old Virginia boy who spitballed classmates at lunch was suspended for the rest of the year and faces three misdemeanor assault charges. He used a plastic tube and pellets, which the school considers a projectile weapon.

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  1. A plastic tube and pellets is hardly a spitball, it IS a projectile.

    Imagine this scenario; he hits another student in the eye, the victim loses part of all of his vision, and the lawyers come running.

    Plus, there may be other factors involved the school can’t discuss, such as multiple previous offenses by the spitballer.

  2. Mike in Texas –
    If the threshold for use of a weapon is simply the possibility to do bodily harm, just about anything can be considered a projectile weapon. What happens if a student flicks a paper football towards another student? It can injure an eye just as likely as a pellet.

    The kid should be punished, but by the school and his parents, not the judicial system. Unfortunately, I fear that the judicial system has become the last resort of schools that cannot convince parents to be parents nor have the ability to deal out meaningful punishments themselves.

  3. North of 49th says:

    The Supreme Court of Canada has twice upheld the right of Sikh students to carry the kirpan:

    To my knowledge, there has never been an incident in a school where a kirpan has been used as a weapon.

    My school has many Sikh students. Few pose any discipline problems whatever.

  4. Two generations ago, boys in rural schools took rifles to school and hunted dinner on the way home. Maybe if more people had everyday experience with weapons, violence would lose its romance.

  5. A sikh student can carry a small dagger and that’s ok, but a Christian student would be in big trouble for bringing a bible. Which would cause the most harm to others?

  6. Richard Aubrey says:

    Problem happens when somebody brings something more dangerous than the Sikh’s ceremonial instrument. Gets busted. And the parents and a lawyer sue for discrimination.