Regulations limit online education

On Community College Spotlight: New federal regulations will raise the costs of online higher education.

At an Ohio community college, faculty opposition has blocked an online accounting degree in partnership with a private company.

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  1. It looks like the Academy is gearing up to bog down and stymie in any way possible alternatives to the traditional classroom. Just lobby government to put so much regulation in place that only the big guys can succeed. This is how the big players stay big and get bigger while preventing smaller, more innovative players from getting a toe-hold. Examples are endless but Big Oil vs mom and pop gas stations, NEA vs. Charter schools, NEA vs. home schooling, Industrial Ag vs. small, holistic farms, Big Pharma vs. herbalists and supplements. Shame on them!

  2. I read about the school in Ohio in which instructors basically blocked the school from starting an online program, and I have to say this sounds like people that tried to hold on to eight track players. If you do not know what an eight track player is then you get my point.

    There are schools the likes of Duke, Penn State, Michigan State, and Villanova that are now offering programs online. While there is still a need to evaluate the schools that are just online they are fast becoming the minority of choices available to prospective students. The writing is on the wall. Online is coming fast because the schools make just too much money from it.