Need to Know: What’s working

PBS’ Need to Know will talk about education success stories on Feb. 11. That includes a suburban Chicago school’s “culture of fitness.” Struggling students take P.E. before their hardest class to wake up their brains.

In the six years since that program started, students who signed up for PE directly before English read on average a half year ahead of those who didn’t, and students who took PE before math showed dramatic improvement in their standardized tests.

The show also looks at the turnaround of Brockton High in Massachusetts, a very large school that’s doing very well. The school turned itself around, says Principal Susan Szachowicz.  “We did not fire all the teachers. We did work with a team that we had. And we had some pretty dramatic results.”

Another segment looks at the way science is taught at the University of Marland, Baltimore County, a leader in minority STEM education.

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