Aiming high

Aspirations are sky high in the Profile of This Year’s Freshmen by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute:  Notice that fewer than 1 percent aim for a vocational certificate or associate degree and only 20 percent think a bachelor’s degree is enough. Three-fourths of college freshmen hope to earn a master’s, medical or law degree or a PhD.

This is wildly optimistic. Only 57 percent of college freshmen at four-year institutions complete a degree of any kind in six years. About 27 percent of adults have completed a bachelor’s degree or  higher.

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  1. It’s our fault. Society, in the wise words of Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, “has declared war on work.” We downplay the trades and associate degrees and fill naive kids with ambiguous notions of the bachelor’s degree and professional work. Sadly, the kids are unaware that the average plumber and electrician makes about $8000 more per year than the average bachelor degree holder.