Tax credits for homeschoolers?

Room for Debate asks if homeschooling parents should get tax credits to cover their costs. Conservative Republicans say they’ll require states to offer a credit, though it’s not clear what form it will take. Currently, only Louisiana, Illinois and Minnesota offer some tax relief to homeschoolers.

Several debaters argue credits will come with regulations, such as testing, which some parents will see as intrusive. Some parents will prefer to keep their independence, especially as the credits’ value probably will be limited. But some will be interested.

The Home School Legal Defense Association, proposes a $500 credit for all parents who spend their own money for tuition, tutors, books, curricula, computers and the like, writes William Estrada, the group’s counsel. Public school parents who supplement their children’s education expenses would be included. It could end up as a tax credit for parents of school-aged children. Not that there’ s anthing wrong with that.

Your thoughts?

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