Rethinking remediation

Overwhelmed with students who need years of remediation, some Texas community colleges are sending very low-skilled students to adult education or vocational programs.

Also on Community College Spotlight:  North Carolina will let community colleges bar “threatening” students, but identifying who’s dangerous and figuring out what to about it are huge challenges for college staffers.

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  1. I like the idea of adult ed; send the kids who don’t have HS grad knowledge and skills back to the schools who “graduated” them. Dumping the problem onto CCs allows k-12 systems to avoid responsibility.

  2. That’s exactly the right approach. A knowledge standard should be set. The problem is that the standard will disproportionately affect certain populations.

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    I don’t see the clear, useful distinction between adult education and community college. Where I live, we have a substantial overlap between the missions of adult ed and community college, at least judging by the courses taught. It’s not obvious why adult ed would be a better place for an adult to learn algebra than community college.

    A community college can say, we don’t remediate, or we don’t remediate below a certain level. But community colleges which throw out students who are too underprepared are not solving the problem. Rather, they’re making someone else handle it. Either way, the taxpayers will have to pay, so unless adult ed is cheaper (for the taxpayers) than community college, relocating problems is not the same as dealing with problems.

  4. Tim-10-ber says:

    Yep! send them back to the k-12 system that failed them let them fix and pay for educating these students.

  5. That’s kinda funny. The money all comes from the same place.

    If the person is too low for even a community college, then vocational training is probably just plain the best bet.

  6. It’s not obvious why adult ed would be a better place for an adult to learn algebra than community college.

    Because we don’t loan tons of money to students going to adult ed. They aren’t allowed to get funded by the federal government. The student will have to get a job and make time for adult ed.