Maryland, oh Maryland

Maryland ranks first in the nation with a B+ in Education Week’s 2011 Quality Counts report. Massachusetts and New York, each with a B average, come next.  The nation as a whole earned a C, the same grade as last year.  The lowest scoring states, all with a D+ grade, were District of Columbia, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

On the K-12 Achievement Index, the average state earned a D+.

Flypaper’s Liam Julian complains that the Chance for Success Index, one of the rating factors, lists excuses for failure

Education Week’s 2011 Chance for Success Index still includes categories (family income, parent education, parental employment) that are not really related to a state’s education policies. But now, to its credit, it also contains several categories (fourth- and eighth-grade reading scores, preschool enrollment) that are closer to the K-12 realm.

This year’s report includes a calculator that lets readers weight (or eliminate) the factors as they wish, notes Emmy Partin.

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  1. You can’t get any explanation beyond the “snapshot” without coughing up $4.95 per state. I think I’ll pass….