Six-year graduation rate is 49%

Only 49 percent of full-time students who started college in 2003-2004 completed a certificate or degree in six years, concludes a U.S. Education Department report. About one third of students who started at a community college earned a certificate or degree.

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  1. The Kevin Carey quote was pretty funny. Basically, if colleges/universities dumb themselves down (even further) then the marginal student who is now not “college material” will become “college material”.

    Asian immigrants mostly refute the cultural differences explanation of the variance.

  2. Actually, it is the cultural difference within the Asian families and communities that explains their success, even if they attend urban high schools where most kids are simply warehoused. I suspect that the military veterans who had been E-5s or better also do very well; in the Navy, those kids have real expertise in their specialty and leadership experience as well.

    Bottom line; far too many kids are going to college. Eliminate remedial classes at 4-year schools, raise SAT/SAT requirements for admission, re-institute freshman weeder classes (typically English composition and real sciences) with the aim of failing about 25% of the class, and raise standards for departments, majors and classes. Also eliminate degrees in education at any level and any “studies” departments (women, gender, black, Latino)

    These last should not be confused with academic interdepartmental majors, such as Latin American or Asian, in which students must attain fluency in an appropriate language and take courses in regional geography, history, economics, literature etc.; often for kids intending to work in those areas (foreign service, business etc.)