In college, back to basics

Graduation rates are rising in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but most high school graduates who enroll at Ivy Tech’s local campus need remedial math or reading or both. Success rates are low for students who start in remedial classes.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Many high school counselors aren’t prepared to guide first-to-college students through the college admissions and financial aid process.

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  1. My experience is that the assumption that guidance counselors are useless at best and often harmful, in academic matters, is a good starting point. This is based on my experience with four high schools in three different states, even though all sent almost all students to 4-year colleges and two of them sent many to Ivy-level schools and most to very competitive schools. The guidance counselors (not just for my kids but for their friends) were all much more interested in the emotional side of counseling and were often completely clueless about academics. I have a whole collection of horror stories.