High school in college

On Community College Spotlight:  Bright ideas, like “learning communities” and dual-enrollment classes, are making college feel like high school, writes a dean. Students don’t like it.

At a California community college, remedial students — organized in a learning community — are reading and writing about vampire lit, starting with the Twilight books and moving on to Dracula.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Nothing wrong with reading a bunch of vampire lit. Twilight wouldn’t be my first choice though.

  2. At my residential college, we have found that learning communities for first year students have helped retention. Students like them now, but it took several years to work out the bugs. There had to be a wide range of community themes, with no more than one required class per theme. The groups had to be kept to a reasonable size, which we found to be ~20 students. Also, after the first semester, they are no longer required to be in any classes together but they often choose to do so. I’m less sure how this could work for a community college where everyone is a commuter, though.