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  1. J. D. Pruett says:

    People’s desires to bash Sarah Palin even in non sequitir notwithstanding, belief in American exceptionalism has rarely centered around its educational system.

  2. As per my comment before, I’m tracking down more info on this. About 5200 students took the test last year. I need to do more research, but I’m beginning to think the small sample size really makes our PISA scores pretty meaningless.

  3. I’d agree, especially with the apples and oranges effect. We test a demographic representation, most countries test the top 10%.

  4. As Fareed Zakaria has well noted, it isn’t necessarily about the decline of America, as it is about “the rise of the rest.” Clearly, America has a profound sense of exceptionalism that isn’t measured by test scores. And, it is rightfully noted, that kids in many countries have entirely different motivations toward PISA tests, based on their culture and educational system.