Colleges with the lowest graduation rates

Leading the pack of colleges with the lowest graduation rates is San Francisco’s Golden Gate University with a 10 percent six-year graduation rate.

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  1. I know a several people who took a few courses at GGU but none of them intended to earn a degree from there- it was more of a continuing ed sort of thing. For example, I worked with a lady who wanted to move from a clerical job to an accounting one at our firm. The manager of the accounting department was willing to hire her provided she completed 3 specific accounting courses. So the lady did them online through GGU and got the promotion. At the time I left the company, she had not pursued any additional coursework towards a degree.

  2. On behalf of Golden Gate University and the dean of undergraduate studies, I wanted to point out the reasons why the report is inaccurate­, and The Chronicle of Higher Education is looking into it.

    Here’s some reason’s why it is misleading:

    1) The Chronicle calculated the statistics of “all first-time­, full-time [undergrad­uate] students entering in the fall seeking bachelor’s degrees who completed bachelor’s degrees within six years.”

    GGU’s undergradu­ate population are all part-time students coming in with transfer units. In fact, this trait for applicants is an admissions requiremen­t for GGU’s undergradu­ate program tailored specifical­ly to the population GGU serves- working adults in need of flexible scheduling­.

    2) Since 2003, GGU has had only a total of six “full-time­, first-time­” enrolled students, a negligible sample size. Yes, 6.

    3) GGU not a “private research institutio­n”, which the article states is another characteri­stic of Universiti­es under analysis.

    4) The undergrads GGU serves (currently 422 students) are not your traditiona­l freshmen. They are working adults who need flexible scheduling­, online classes, and are looking to complete their degree for career advancemen­t. Our understand­ing of the modern student is what has enabled us to thrive for 110 years now as a non-profit­, private university­.

    5) Approximat­ely 50% of the students who have enrolled since 2003 have graduated with their bachelor’s degree. http://www­­ndergradua­te_program­s/student_­success/re­tention_an­d_graduati­on

    For a part-time adult population with life always interferin­g, this is something to be proud of.

  3. Putting GGU on that list is absurd, for the reasons mentioned in the above two posts.