College completion starts in K-12

Surprise! College completion starts in K-12.

Also on Community College Spotlight: California’s community colleges may limit retakes of courses.  After the fourth try, the state won’t pay for the course.

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  1. This misses the point – college completion starts in the 0-5 years. And it’s almost all about the literacy. Students who show up in kindergarten trailing their peers by more than a thousand vocabulary words almost never catch up. And students who are not reading at grade level by fourth grade will never catch up and are longshots to complete college. Thus, the significance of coming into school ready to learn and being reasonably academic – meaning curious and interested in ideas like computation and literacy – from the time of pre-school is the key.

    That said – the emphasis on this innocuous idea of “college” is also paramount in the problems of the American education system. For bachelor’s degrees, the reality is 30% of the population – and there is no reason to argue for greater need than that.