Boise State can learn from Boise State

Higher Ed Watch’s Academic BCS, which ranks the top college football teams using academic indicators, shows Stanford as number one and Boise State as number two.

Boise State’s football players are more likely to graduate than non-athletes, notes Ben Miller on The Quick and the Ed.  Boise State’s graduation rate is only 26 percent, compared to 52 percent for football players.

. . .  though the black football players do have lower graduation rates than the white members of the team, their 43 percent completion rate is still 20 percentage points higher than the figure for white males at the school overall.

. . . The academic accomplishments of the Boise State football team should provide instructive lessons for the school overall. The university should take a look at the various tutoring and other academic supports given to football players to see which ones could be adopted for the general student body.

The top-ranked football team, Auburn, ranks 20th in the Academic BCS with second-ranked Oregon at 21st.

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  1. GoogleMaster says:

    This ranking is somewhat skewed in that they are starting with the top football teams and only ranking those.

    My alma mater, a D-1 (but not BCS) school, graduated 100% of its football players from the freshmen who entered in 2003, and has graduated over 90% of the players in 21 of the last 22 years. However, the football team is not quite as successful and has been to bowl games only twice in those 22 years.

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    The people doing this sort of analysis are only worried about the schools where “student” and “football player” are potentially accidentally exclusive categories.

  3. How about discontinuing the special privileges for the athletes, most of whom are already receiving free everything? Better yet, how about no public funds being spent for athletics an any educational institution? (And, yes, I do love athletics. I just don’t think that public funds should be spent on them at any level of education. )

  4. That’s really interesting. I think it goes to show that the that disciplined required for athletes at a high level can transfer to success off the field is well. Thanks for sharing this.