Klein resigns in New York City

Joel Klein has resigned after eight years as chancellor of New York City schools. He will be replaced by Cathleen Black, chairman of Hearst Magazines, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Like Klein, who was a federal prosector, Black, 66, has no education experience. A Chicago native, she attended parochial grammar schools and sent her two children to private boarding schools.

The mayor called Ms. Black “a superstar manager who has succeeded spectacularly in the private sector” and added, “There’s no one who knows more about the skills our children will need to succeed in the 21st century economy.” A former publisher of New York magazine, she went on to become publisher of USA Today, and now heads Hearst Magazines, which publishes Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping and other titles.

Klein, 64, will become an executive vice president at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Gotham Schools live-blogged the announcement. On HechingerEd, Sarah Garland looks at Klein’s “legacy of rage, reform and rising graduation rates.

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  1. All in all, quite depressing I’d say.

  2. Depressing in that Bloomberg still doesn’t respect teachers enough to appoint an educator to head NYC schools.

  3. CarolineSF says:

    I have semi-jokingly proposed that newspaper editorial boards be put in charge of oversight and accountability for charter schools, as they have been known to attack elected school boards for attempting to carry out those duties. More recently, I’ve proposed that newsroom staffs be given the responsibility for hiring, firing and overseeing district teaching forces, in response to the L.A. Times’ stepping confidently into the role of judge, jury and executioner.

    I guess the joke’s on me, because the nation’s largest school system really has been put into the hands of the media now.

  4. Ridiculous. Since we know that there is no geneticv component of intelligence, what is academic excellence but the best evidence of good character?