Education Buzz Carnival #8

The Education Buzz Carnival is up at Emergent Learner, who’s thankful for tax-funded education.

Magical Life-giving Poop is Sarah Garb’s theme.

From past experience planting seeds with third graders, I’m very well aware of Common Plant Misconception # 1: Standing by the plant table and staring at your sprout during snack clean-up helps speed the growing process.

Today, though, we unearthed two additional and perhaps equally widespread fallacies.

Common Plant Misconception # 2) Plants emerge, fully grown, from animals’ butts.

Common Plant Misconception # 3) When a mommy seed and a daddy seed love each other very much, they mate and have a baby plant.

Then there’s Plant Misconception # 4: The names of plant parts and of feminine hygiene products are interchangeable.

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  1. I work with grade school children as an assistant and all volunteer work and have learned that when you “plant a seed” in the minds of children (and yes, we too have remembrances of such seeds planted) we are effecting their lives forever. So, if they see the sprout growing because you tell them it is growing then they see it.