Chicago to ‘reinvent’ community colleges

On Community College Spotlight: Chicago will reinvent the 99-year-old City Colleges of Chicago, vows outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley.  Currently, more than half of CCC students drop out before they earn 15 units.

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  1. I wonder if Mr. Daley ever stopped to think that the reason so many students drop out before they complete 1/4th of their credit requirements is that they need so much remediation that they just get tired of paying for courses which don’t count towards an actual diploma/degree/certificate?

    As I’ve said in previous posts, the more remedial courses a freshman who comes directly from high school needs, the chances of them ever completing a degree of any sort is very small.

  2. That’s very true. Do you think we’ll reform the way colleges do business before solving the problems that already exist in K-12 education?