CCs get less money, more students

Community colleges are “a gateway for millions of Americans to good jobs and a better life,” said President Obama in the fall. But the gateway is narrowing.  Thirty-one states will cut community college funding this year, despite rising enrollments.

Students know there are jobs in health care, but can’t get into classes they need. At College of Southern Nevada, more than 2,450 students applied for a key biology class that has space for 950 students. In Colorado, community college students may wait more than three years to get into a nursing program.

It’s all on Community College Spotlight.

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  1. I was researching medical programs at local community colleges here in Orange County, Ca a while ago for personal reasons and all of the med programs that have a “high” income potential such as x-ray technician or nursing all have super long waiting lists and very strict prerequisites. You would think it would be lax since it’s community college but it isn’t; it was so competitive; you would need to excel and get straight A’s in order to enter those programs here.

    The students who are not as strong academically will wash out and never even get accepted into these programs. It’s getting tougher than ever.