Career readiness starts in high school

On Community College SpotlightCareer readiness starts in high school.

In Connecticut, 72 percent of entering community college students require remedial classes.

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  1. Career readiness starts in kindergarten. Acquiring an education – real knowledge and skills – takes TIME and EFFORT, as well as personal qualities like self-control, the ability to focus and concentrate and the ability to defer gratification. It’s like building a house; it has to start with the foundation. Kids need explicit, efficient instruction and a content-rich, sequential curriculum if they are to achieve their potential. Absent these things, many kids are pretty hopelessly behind by the time they get to middle school.

    I’d like to see the responsibility turned back to the k-12 system that created/enabled the problem in the first place; bring back the night high schools that used to exist. Pushing that responsibility onto CCs enables the k-12 system to ignore/pass along the problem. It’s also long past time to stop pretending that everyone should go to college. Solid vocational programs mean jobs – you can’t outsource car mechanics, hairdressers or surgical techs to India – and kids are now being forced to pay for post-graduation programs that their grandparents could take in high school.