Black (+ educator) will run NYC schools

Cathie Black will get the waiver she needs to take over as chancellor of New York City schools — with a chief academic officer who’s worked as a teacher and principal. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg agreed to the deal demanded by the state education commissioner, David M. Steiner, who’d threatened to deny Black a waiver because of the publishing executive’s lack of education experience.

Shael Polakow-Suransky, 38, a former principal of a Bronx high school and a top official at the city’s Department of Education, will be Black’s second in command. He’s known for his focus on improving instruction, reports Gotham Schools.

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  1. Why not just nominate Polakow-Suranksy? If he’s good enough to be second in command, has the stellar track record he appears to, as well as the thumbs-up from Bloomberg, what benefits are there to appointing two people to run a system?

    In a system that is striving to improve accountability (which is a good thing), who is going to hold Black accountable for actually listening to her second in command?