Why Obama will miss college goal

President Obama will miss his college goal — he wants the U.S. to lead the world in college completion by 2020 — because he’s ignoring boys, predicts Richard Whitmire. Nobody’s talking about the widening gender gap that leaves males undereducated and unemployed.

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  1. The goal itself is idiotic. To focus on “college” as the main event, without serious consideration to what is actually being *learned* in college and what its value is in life and in work, is cargo-cult policy thinking.

  2. It seems to me that people are waking up to the fact that “college for all” is not the best policy. Deciding to have the highest college completion rate of any country is hardly a departure from this mentality.

    While the gender gap is certainly important, the larger issue is how we want our children to become educated and find jobs. College is simply not for everyone.

  3. Ha, ha. Because he’s missing boys? Whitmire’s a hammer that turns everything into his favorite nail.

    There’s 1000 reasons why Obama’s initiative will (and should) fail. Boys are about 857 on the list.

  4. What a surprise (not)…

    The sad fact of the matter is that while women have made huge gains in school, men have largely been left by the side of the road (as an example, women now earn more degrees than men at every level, with the exception of math, engineering, and some science fields).

    Consider that by the time the average male finishes high school, he is at least 1.5 grade levels behind in math and perhaps as much as 2 grade levels behind in reading. Also, studies have shown that the more remediation a person needs after high school (CTE/college, etc), the chances of them ever earning a certificate, degree, is virtually nil.

    If you want to see what impact our education system is having upon males, read the book ‘The war against boys’ by Christina Summers (even the AAUW, american association of university women doesn’t like this book), since they refuse to acknowledge that a gender gap in education even exists.