Tuition goes up, but so does aid

Tuition is rising faster than inflation at colleges and universities, reports College Board.  Financial aid, such as grants for low-income students and tax credits for middle-income families, is rising too.

Also on Community College Spotlight: High school students need to know what college demands. Many think earning C’s in easy classes will prepare them for community college. They’re surprised to end up in remedial classes.

Also, new federal regulations limit recruiting, advertising and marketing by for-profit higher education companies; the rules also define what counts as a credit hour.  But proposed “gainful employment” rules which would cut off loan eligibility to programs with high student-debt levels and low repayment rates are still under discussion.

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  1. Or,
    Aid goes up AND so does Tuition

  2. ” However, as the federal government spends more on college aid, the states are spending less.”

    Exactly. The Feds fail to realize the impact that their policies will have elsewhere. Handing out money does affect the behavior of others.