School rules year round

Schools are trying to enforce school rules on weekends and in the summer, reports USA Today.

Students across the country are going on notice that drinking, smoking, using drugs or posting risqué photos on the Web on weekends and during the summer can get them sidelined from school activities during the school year.

Student athletes and those involved in other extracurricular activities in states including New Jersey, South Carolina and Indiana are signing codes of conduct that hold them accountable for their behavior regardless of whether school is in session.

Some districts require athletes to “be on good behavior 24-7 during the school year,” USA Today reports. Others have year-round rules that include athletes, band members and choir members; some go even farther.

Indiana’s American Civil Liberties Union is representing two female volleyball players in the Smith Green Community schools who were disciplined for allegedly posting sexually suggestive photos on social networking sites during summer vacation.

Students wearing the school’s uniform can be held to a higher standard, says Erik Weber, attorney for the Smith-Green schools. “If they don’t like the rules, they don’t have to play,” Weber says.

Schools are having trouble enforcing rules on campus during school hours. I’m surprised they’re trying to control what students do on their own time.

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  1. They failed when the mission expanded to include social work.  The reaction is to double down and expand the mission further, because The Idea Cannot Be Wrong.

  2. Well, at least schools are known for coming up with universally fair and creditable rules for their students, subject always to proper due course; so it makes sense to let them enforce them 24/7.

  3. I’m not surprised that they’re *trying* to control their students all the time, but I would be very surpised if they actually manage to do so.

  4. Train the kids that Big Brother is watching you 24/7, and that every aspect of your lives – from what you eat to what you say to how much sleep you get – is going to be monitored constantly. That way, when they’re adults, they’ll be used to the idea and accept it without a fight, unlike past generations. “What’s the big deal?” they’ll say. And what little liberty we have left, will die with apathetic indifference.

  5. tim-10-ber says:

    The true mission of government schools is revealed for all to see — no longer need to read it along the fringes…geez…please tell me these fools are not serious!!