School choice goes mainstream

When did school choice go mainstream? asks, which covered NBC’s week-long Education Nation.

The “summit,” held at NBC’s New York studios at Rockefeller Center, almost felt like a publicity junket for Waiting for Superman, a highly praised new documentary advocating for charter schools. A national TV audience watched as D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee chewed out teachers union honcho Randi Weingarten for spending $1 million in campaign funds to halt Rhee’s reform agenda. Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski took a shot at Weingarten for resisting merit pay for teachers. And what to make of former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi working to promote National School Choice Week, slated for January 2011?

I’m amazed at the impact of Waiting for Superman on the debate. But I’m not convinced it will lead to change.

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  1. j.d.salinger says:

    “Waiting for Superman” is education’s “An Inconvenient Truth”–both by the same director. “An Inconvenient Truth” put global climate change on the political map and made it so that politicans would be committing political suicide if they denied that there is a global climate problem. The result was lip service in the form of legislative changes. And as we get further and further away from “An Inconvenient Truth” the resistance to additional legislative changes grows. “Waiting for Superman” is likely to have the same effect. Politicians are now forced to talk about school choice and there will be attempts at fixing the problem. As time wears on, we will be back to square one. Right now, school choice is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame, to hijack Warhol’s famous phrase.

  2. Thanks J.D. but aren’t you dead?

    Perhaps you could spin in your grave at the violence being done to the English language on a daily basis by the public education system? There’s a good lad.


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