Obama’s F for education

“Obama continues to make a play to be the edjumication president, yet he won’t do a goddamn thing to actually shake up the ineffective, over-spending status quo,” writes Nick Gillespie on Reason’s Hit & Run blog.

But it’s hard to ignore what a cliche-monger, unvisionary, and basic hypocrite Obama is when it comes to doing something-anything to empty the K-12 prisons we mislabel as schools in this country.

Reason gives Obama’s education vision a big fat F:

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  1. Racists!

  2. Obama’s education system is waste,, Bush was good at-least for edu.

  3. Plain and simple – the more school policy that is decided outside the school building, the harder the job becomes for teachers and the worse students do. This same concept applies pretty much to any area that government squirms its way into.

  4. You know what’s really sad? The President we’ll have one day who will truly fix this country – politically, financially, education-wise – will be shot for making such progress by the corporate interests. There are some wealthy, powerful people who stand to lose a LOT of money if the system changes, and the general public gets educated enough to understand en masse what’s really going on…