Learning online

On Community College Spotlight:  The Gates Foundation is funding Next Gen Learning.

But a study finds online students do worse than students in traditional classes.

Community colleges are basking in praise for their role as “gateways to success,” but critics wonder: Where’s the money?  President Obama didn’t promise more federal dollars to produce an extra five million community college graduates.

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  1. > a study finds ….

    Never based any opinion on a single study, especially one that has been cherry-picked for the occasion.

    The vast preponderance of studies – hundreds of them – show that there is no significant difference between learning online or offline. The quality and results are effectively the same.

    And it’s irresponsible to cite a single study in a post such as this, either ignorant of, deliberately ignoring, or despite, the bulk of the literature.

  2. I don’t agree with your take on the research: I’ve seen lots of studies that show differences in effectiveness depending on the kind of student and the design of the online course.

    There’s not much research looking at online classes for community college students, who were the focus of this study. The Gates Foundation is funding more research to see what sort of online course design leads to success for community college students. There is no anti-online bias here.