Colleges move to differential tuition

On Community College Spotlight: Breaking with tradition, some community colleges plan to charge more for career and technology programs that cost more to deliver.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the students in those health care/high tech programs are among the highest-perfoming, since such programs may have higher standards for entry, at least in some geographic areas. If so, it’s another of many occasions in education where the stronger performers are penalized, in order to divert more resources to the bottom end of the spectrum. It has been done for enough decades to affect several generations and hasn’t worked yet.

  2. Or the school can get enough money for the classes that it can offer more of them, instead of having to cut offerings due to cost.

  3. momof4, my experience is with nursing programs. They are very expensive to run, and the payoff for students is much higher. I have no problem with higher tuition for them, since we’re not talking about a truly high tuition rate in any case.