Career ed bill vetoed

California students will not be able to to take career classes instead of art or foreign language to earn a diploma. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill. An advocate of vocational education, Schwarzenegger said he was worried the bill would impose new costs on school districts and could require funding of more career academies.

He also vetoed a bill creating “green tech” career academies in high schools using a small surcharge on electricity. The funding source would set a bad precedent, the governor said.

The governor signed a bill requiring kindergartners to turn five by Sept. 1 and creating “transitional” classes for children affected by the switch. The cut-off date has been Dec. 2.

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  1. I love the idea of requiring kids to turn 5 by September 1st. It sounds like Arnold will appear at their schools in his Terminator outfit and force them to do so at gunpoint.

    I think it’s nuts not to offer kids trade instruction if that’s what they want. My plumber makes more than I do, as does my daughter’s dad, who has a business installing car stereos. If that’s what makes them happy, why the heck not?

  2. Any cut-off date is arbitrary and will therefore not be right for all kids. I speak as the parent of 4 kids – both sexes- who were the youngest in their respective classes. The two who were accelerated just missed the cut-off date and the others had very late birthdays, so they were likely to be two years younger than many classmates and at least a years younger than the rest, because of widespread redshirting. It worked very well in all four cases; I shudder to think of what it would have been like if we had held them back. We once lived in a county that would evaluate prospective kindergarteners, both academically and socially, and make a recommendation; acceleration, usual placement by birthdate or redshirting. I knew parents who had kids in all three pots and it seemed to work well.


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