Broad Prize winner fights charters

Everyone was talking up education reform when Gwinnett County (Georgia) Public Schools accepted this year’s Broad Prize winner, writes Rick Hess. But Gwinnett is trying to squelch charter schools in Georgia; it’s  one of several districts suing the Georgia Charter Schools Commission to stop authorization and funding of charter schools.

This is especially awkward in the case of charters like Ivy Preparatory Academy, an all-girls charter which is outperforming county schools in seven out of ten content areas.

. . . the Georgia Supreme Court is now also being asked to decide whether GCSC charter schools qualify as “special schools” under the state constitution. If the court narrows the definition, in accord with the Gwinnett-backed claim that special schools are only those schools for special needs students, the existence of various nontraditional schools across the state could be at risk.

In awarding the $1 million prize, Eli Broad called Gwinnett County the most improved large district in America. Broad is a strong charter school supporter.

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