You say you want a revolution

Waiting for Superman could be a very big deal, writes Matthew Ladner, after watching Oprah’s education reform show.

The unions have lost the war of ideas, this film powerfully makes that point in an incredibly poignant fashion, and many union puppets will be looking for a new line of work in a few weeks.

Greg Forster is also getting triumphal: “The unions are primed for a major defeat.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the education revolution, responds Rick Hess in a snarky, but funny, column.

I had to tell somebody. I grabbed the poor kid at the concession stand. “I just saw the most amazing film,” I told him. “My eyes are wide open.”

. . . “Did you know that we’re screwing over poor kids in the inner city? That their schools stink? But that it’s possible to do better?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think I saw that in my mom’s Newsweek last year,” he said. “And, come to think of it, I remember hearing in middle school about something called A Nation at Risk that came out, like, thirty years ago.”

“Yeah, me too. But, now, with the lights and the cinematography and the music, it’s real for me. I feel it now,” I said. “We spend a lot of money but our kids don’t do all that well. But, and this is the cool thing, there are these charter schools that do terrific. The trick is that there are not enough charter schools for all the kids. So kids have to hope they luck into a spot.”

“Sounds like we need more charter schools,” the kid said.

“Exactly,” I said. “This is what’s so great. I used to overcomplicate things. But what we need are charter schools and better teachers. Now the way forward is so much clearer.”

On EdReformer, Douglas Crets predicts the movie will be important, “but it’s not really going to solve anything,” any more than Davis Guggenheim’s last movie, An Inconvenient Truth, fixed climate change.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Possible problem with the analogy in the last graf.
    We no longer have “climate change”. Never did, but anyway, it’s now,, officially, “global climate disruption”.
    Might still sell it to a few rubes.
    But “global warming” and “climate change” have both been busted.
    With “global climate disruption”, anything proves it.
    Yeah, that ought to work.

  2. But “global warming” and “climate change” have both been busted.

    The only ones who think that are the stupid and uninformed. Which are you? Both?

    Dear God, I’m tired of morons like you.

  3. Sorry, but there is still no “science” behind AGW. It was (maybe still is) getting warmer, but no one knows why or how much CO2 is contributing. The climategate emails don’t prove anything (although they are very suggestive of a broken process which even one of the whitewashes admitted), but the source code that was released at the same time was proof of truly ghastly practices (I know because I read a lot of it). I do data analysis for a living, and I could “prove” anything if I used such sloppy techniques.

    But I think that the tenacity of people that are committed to the AGW idea (not counting those that work at places like the CRU) will pale compared to that of people in teachers unions (whose jobs are really on the line). I hope that things don’t have to get much worse before people realize that we are spending way too much money for way too little positive result on education, but Gore’s little movie is a relevant example.

  4. “Dear God, I’m tired of morons like you.”

    Another PS teacher heard from.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Don’t look at me. It was Obama’s science czar–I believe his name is Holdren–who decided to switch the name on the dead horse with the view that a few folks might be induced to put the mortgage on it.
    And it wasn’t me who busted East Anglia’s CRU.

  6. Matthew Ladner says:


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