What’s next for Khan Academy

Salmon Khan of Khan Academy is on the “cutting edge of a revolution,” writes investment adviser Gary North, who predicts Khan’s model will “shut down the public schools” eventually.

About eight minutes in, Khan shows the kind of data teachers can see on how their students are progressing and where they need extra help. At 10 minutes or so, he looks at a girl who was well below the curve at the start of a summer program, stuck on the negative numbers unit. She watched the video, figured out negative numbers and then shot forward, finishing the camp as the second highest performing student.

Khan ends by projecting a future in which 10 percent of the English-speaking world is using a virtual school with 5,000 modules for self-learning and peer-to-peer teaching.

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  1. And I’m projecting scoffing with just a hint uneasiness in response to this story.