Students design, build wind turbine

On Community College Spotlight: Kalamazoo Valley Community College  students designed, built and installed a wind turbine as part of a Wind Energy Technology certificate program.

Also, testing for mastery of basic math.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Good for them. You’ll note there is no free market for the things. Subsidies, tax credit, extra credit in class. But useless otherwise. Good training for engineers these days.
    BTW, the BIlderbergers are plotting how to increase their power during the coming global cooling. Either they’re nuts and nobody should be worrying about them or they know something and we should be worrying about global cooling.
    But perhaps we can spend a few billion more on wind turbines and get organized crime into carbon credit trading before the wind, so to speak, leaks out of this particular scam.

  2. Very good, though I’d also like to see similar projects focused on designing/making things that aren’t quite so politically correct. I guess a nuclear power plant would be out of the question, though….

  3. Something like the squash-court reactor might be within the technical capabilities of a community-college group, but it’s still not something I’d want in my county.