Santa is a fake!

As an example of critical and deductive thinking, I present this 1988 video shot by my husband, John. (The mom is his first wife, Kate, who died in 2004.)  Gina is 10, Michael is 7 and Susie is 4 years old. Santa, who indeed is a fake, was hired from the Mountain View (CA) community services department.

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  1. What a cute video–and what a smart little boy. I never believed in Santa, but did sort of hope it was true when the “fakes” came to town (on a hay wagon–rural community).

  2. Walter_E_Wallis says:

    She kinda resembles you.
    I took on a ready made family a half century ago. The experience was not without its moments.
    How does it feel getting back into the Soccer Mom job?
    Was that a Hanukkah Bush?


  3. This is comedy gold.

    I bet that dude is now a smart 29 year old.

  4. Michael is a computer engineer at Google.