San Francisco may order ‘sad meals’

San Francisco may ban “happy meals” that come with a toy, unless the meal includes a serving of fruit and vegetables or meets the city’s nutritional requirements, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco’s “sad meals” should include “creepy, insulting and/or humiliating promotional toys with any meal that fails to meet the city’s exacting nutritional guidelines,” writes Zombie on Pajamas Media.

* Circular metallic stickers featuring a frowny-face and the words “I’m a fatso!” or “Lard-butt.” Parents will be required to affix the stickers to their children’s foreheads during meals eaten in public.

* Wind-up toys which speak any of ten different phrases, including “You’re morbidly obese!”, “Sure, keep stuffing your fat little face,” and “You make me sick, you disgusting pig!” Children can choose either the Sinister Clown, Nagging Granny, or Scary Bully designs.

* Miniature flipbooks featuring full-color photos of actual surgical procedures taken during heart bypass operations and liposuction sessions.

* A new line of collectible figurines called Chubbies, with names such as Friendless Fritz, Diabetic Debbie, and Acne Ashly.

Very few children eat most of their meals at fast-food restaurants. Obesity begins at home. Parents have to stop buying junk food — often for themselves — and start pushing fruit and veg.

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  1. This is so utterly ridiculous.

    I wonder if in 10 years or so, we’re going to be wringing our hands over an “epidemic of eating disorders” in American teens – because so many of them were shamed at an early age and told that fat was bad and food is the enemy.

  2. Whatever happened to the 90/10 rule? If 90% of what the child eats is healthy and he/she gets adequate physical exercise, we do not need to demonize the remaining 10%. I ate the occasional Happy Meal growing up and I was down right SCRAWNY as a kid.

    I teach my kids that there are “every day” foods and “sometimes” foods. Happy Meals definitely fall into the latter category, but the occasional indulgence isn’t going to cause them to become obese.

  3. This is blatant scapegoating. The most calorie-heavy happy meal (cheeseburger, fries, and milk) is 700 calories. Starting at age 9, moderately-active children require up to 2000 (girls) or 2200 (boys) calories per day (from WebMD)… meaning that as one of three meals the happy meal is in line with normal dietary requirements.

    Ultimately, childhood (and adult) obesity is due to an overall lack of activity and calorie-heavy snacks between meals. Some Starbucks Frapaccinos have 500+ calories!


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