How to stretch the school dollar

Stretching the School Dollar: How Schools and Districts Can Save Money While Serving Students Best, edited by AEI’s Rick Hess and Fordham’s Eric Osberg contains 10 chapters on getting more brains for the buck.

U.S. schools have been spending more per student every year for a long time. That’s not sustainable, authors argue.

Mike Casserly of the Great City Schools shows how large districts have shared information to fine tune their operations and save millions, and Marguerite Roza explains how careful budget analysis can uncover enormous waste. Stacey Childress highlights three districts that have taken a strategic approach to their budgets, aligning spending with their core priorities, and a team from the Boston Consulting Group distills lessons learned in helping districts streamline.

John Chubb writes about the cost-saving potential of technology;  Steve Wilson shows that “rethinking the teaching profession offers perhaps the greatest potential to conserve resources while improving schools.”

Finally, Nate Levenson, a former superintendent, and Harvard’s Marty West look at the political challenges.

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