From community college to Mars

On Community College Spotlight: With baby-boomer engineers set to retire soon, NASA is trying to create a pipeline from community college to four-year institutions to aerospace jobs.

Also, four-year colleges and universities must do more to help transfers.

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  1. GoogleMaster says:

    What aerospace jobs? As a result of the death of the shuttle program, NASA and its contractors are laying off 500 employees at Johnson Space Center effective next week. There are approximately another 10,000 employees and contractors on the shuttle program at JSC. As the program dies off over the next year, the aerospace industry will have to absorb those 10,000 people. They aren’t ALL going to roll over and retire.

  2. Peace Corps says:

    My brother, an aerospace engineer, just got his pinkslip. I’m going to suggest that he become a teacher. I’m told the starting salary in the Houston area is pretty good.

  3. GoogleMaster says:

    Go to and type “salary schedule” into the search box. Starting salary in HISD seems to be about $45K, which is much higher than it used to be. A huge paycut for an aero engineer, but better than no salary at all. How’s his Spanish?

  4. Peace Corps says:

    Clear Creek ISD (League City, NASA area) is offering $5000 signing bonuses for Math and Science teachers. I wonder with the layoffs if a few of the engineers will decide to become teachers. Will this fix Texas’ math and science teacher shortage???

    Yes $45K is better than nothing.