For-profit floats idea of money-back guarantee

Under federal pressure because so many students are defaulting on loans, Kaplan University’s CEO has told Education Secretary Arne Duncan he’s willing to give students their money back if they’re not satisfied with introductory courses. University of Phoenix is piloting a free, three-week orientation so students can make sure they’re ready for college before they pay tuition and take out loans. So far, 80 percent of prospective students who take the orientation go on to enroll.

Also on Community College Spotlight, Accenture’s CEO champions community colleges. A plumber’s son, he got his start at a two-year college.

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    If a for-profit offers a money-back guarantee you can bet they’ll work to disqualify as

    many as possible. It’s not their business to refund students.

    Additionally. I’ve heard a lot of negative conversation about certificates. They can be

    beneficial to those seeking professional development.

    It’s just necessary to do your homework and choose an accredited university with a proven

    track record, like Villanova’s certificate programs.