Education reform after the election

If Republicans gain control of the House and/or the Senate, what will it mean for education policy? Support for education reform doesn’t break on party lines, argue several education experts on National Journal. Obama might do better with Republicans than with Democrats — on this issue.

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  1. Of course he’ll have more success with a Republican Congress, all of his educational reform ideas are conservative in nature!!! Why wouldn’t he have more success with additional conservative politicians making the decisions?

  2. It has always been a poor choice to try and make education better than it is by simply giving American educational facilities more money to work with. It’s a night mare to those who are not in favor of reform… That is why Obama told Matt Lauer on “Today’s” “Education Nation” that what we now are an education reform. With millions of stay-at-home moms and dads watching – the president’s target audience for his American education message – Obama said that there should be a longer school year andthat teacher accountabilityshould be monitored for the sake of the profession and for our kids.