A teaching idea that’s ‘full of peace’

Coach G’s foul-mouthed students didn’t respond to punishment. Their profanity was reflexive. He decided to “raise students’ self-awareness of their language” so they could learn to regulate it. He announced a rule: Replace “f- – -” or “s- – -” with “peace” or “love” or a derivative thereof.

. . . the very day I introduced this “rule,” students ran with it. And not just any students, but some of the biggest offenders, who really got into calling classmates “mother lovers” or telling me I was “full of peace.” Better yet, when students slipped up, their classmates — not I — let them know: “you mean peace or love.” Even better, the offenders themselves soon began to acknowledge their slip-ups mid-sentence: “oops, my bad.”

When I was a kid, we said things like “H-e-double hockey sticks.” And, “Shoot, the dinosaur is charging!”

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  1. “Shoot, the dinosaur is charging!”

    Okay, I don’t get that one at all.

  2. I am old.

  3. This is the most peace-loving pile of flowers I’ve ever heard of!

  4. I think we’re the same generation (i’m 53), and I’ve never heard that one. Is it a regionalism?

  5. She’s referring to how people will say “shoot” instead of “shit,” and then otherwise she’s just making a joke that she is so old that there were dinosaurs around when she was a kid. It’s not a quote or a special phrase or regionalism or anything.

  6. Gotcha! Thank you. BTW, my grandmother had her mouth washed out with soap for saying “heck,” not because it was a bad word, but because her mother figured if she was going to swear she should have the courage of her convictions.