$1 trillion to meet college goal without for-profits

On Community College Spotlight:  Without a strong for-profit sector, it will cost nearly $1 trillion to make the U.S. first in the world in college degrees by 2020, President Obama’s goal, argues a former University of Phoenix president.

Also, why the smartest students go to community college.

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  1. I really want to see more documentation about this subject. Here in San Antonio we have a community college system, but if you take classes there many are not transferable to other universities in the state, especially the University of Texas at Austin. We know, my daughter attends Austin and when she wanted to take a few classes in the summer was told they were not transferable and she would not get credit for them. Also, it is very difficult to get admitted to the best universities, but anyone with a pulse can go to the community college, why exactly are they supposed to be the same?

  2. Richard Nieporent says:

    A trillion here, a trillion there and soon we are talking about real money. (Apologies to Everett Dirksen)

  3. When it comes to general academics, I would tend to agree that the quality of undergraduate education at many of the “top universities” to which this article is referring is comparable to a great deal of colleges further down the totem poll.

    That said, a major reason most people go to top colleges, in addition to academics, is to network. More doors open when you go to an a “top university” than when you attend a local community college. That doesn’t necessarily have everything to do with a given school’s reputation either.