There is no typical college student

There is no typical college student, reports NPR in an interview with Kathryn McCormick, a single mother, full-time waitress and student in the Physician’s Assistant program at a Florida community college.

Then there’s Kerry Anderson:  Homeschooled in her mom’s truck, she went on to community college and Harvard.

It’s all on Community College Spotlight, where the elite meet to read.

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  1. While I think Kerry A. sounds great, I wonder if Harvard is indulging in the academic equivalent of “stunt casting” ( Paris Hilton as a supreme court justice).

    What about some kid who studies, gets good grades and SATS, and plays with his/her dog and does the dishes? These kids aren’t sought after, yet might be big assets to the Ivies and vice versa.

    And I’ll bet that Kerry A. will end up working for the government.

  2. I applied to Harvard and was wait-listed…
    During my interview I was told that academically I was better than a large portion of those who would be accepted, but I lacked the connections or uniqueness to get me accepted.