The return of edujobs

Edujobs — $10 billion to prevent teacher layoffs — has passed the Senate; the House will return from recess to vote on it.

The bill is financed, in part, by cutting food stamps for poor families by $516 a year  per family, notes Flypaper. (Food stamp funding, expanded as part of the stimulus, will be cut in 2014 instead of 2015.)

Hiring people with one-time funds is now defined as “courage” by the Education Department, writes Rick Hess. During a June webinar, Maura Policelli, ED’s senior advisor for external affairs, told listeners to spend stimulus funds to keep teachers on the payroll. She said, “And that does require some courage because it does involve the possible risk of investing in staff that you may not be able to retain in the 2011-12 school year.”  Hess writes:

I used to think that courageous leaders made tough decisions to identify waste, streamline budgets, and plan ahead.

What happens next year?

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  1. i would think new jersey’s governor would be defined as courageous, but in the latest NEA magazine he’s touted as a big meanie who hates children.

  2. Good luck with that. The House (and maybe Senate) will change hands and this funding will dry up faster than the no-oil-any-more-trust-us problems in the Gulf of Mexico. If your job is dependent on this money, you should be worried.

    Peisistratus was probably the first tyrant to discover that you could tax the public and use the money to buy popularity. In the 2500 years since then, almost nothing about politics has changed.

  3. Alexis De Tocqueville made a similar observation when he visited America in the 1830s.

  4. Since “education” has such vague limits on its definition, politicians can justify almost any expense as “education”, and so long as some partner (i.e., the NEA or AFT) supports the expense (for a cut), the potential draw on taxpayers’ income has no limit short of lenders’ trust in Treasury bonds. Your Congress-creature will promise to sell your grandkids into slavery to the Chinese if that enhances his chance for reelection.


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