Students seek cheaper books, degrees

On Community College Spotlight: As textbook prices rise, students turn to rentals and hope for e-books.

Also, Florida community colleges are adding low-cost bachelor’s degree programs, especially in nursing, education and applied sciences.

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  1. Even using this semester for 2 daughters – the price still came to $1,100 for books. A totally ridiculous waste of money – new books would have cost over $1,600.

    Last year we had to spend $165 for a new College Algebra due to the extensive changes and updates in Algebra over the last few years. HA. Mine will graduate before ebooks, but if we want to make college more affordable, this is an easy place to start.

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  3. tim-10-ber says:

    We just rented three textbooks for my son. The savings is huge!!

    etextbooks would be so easy…however…there is too much profit on the table for this to happen anytime soon

  4. Students can hope for e-books, but our federal government won’t let them use them…

    Ebook readers are inherently prejudiced, it seems.


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