Obama signs edujobs bill

President Obama has signed a bill giving $10 billion to fund an estimated 160,000 education jobs, reports Education Week. The bill doesn’t require districts to use teacher effectiveness to decide on layoffs or hiring, as reformers had wanted.

To fund the bill, Congress cut nearly $12 billion cut from the food stamp program.

The new law also takes aim at some education programs, including a $10.7 million cut to Ready to Teach, which finances telecommunications-based professional-development programs for educators and educational videos; an $82 million cut to student financial-aid administration; and a $50 million cut to Striving Readers, which underwrites adolescent-literacy programs.

Literacy and high school advocates, while supporting the effort to save jobs, were angered that the reading program was targeted.

While some school districts are planning to rehire laid-off teachers, others are expected to use the funds to prevent future layoffs.

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  1. Richard Nieporent says:

    Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just pay the teachers in food stamps?

    Isn’t anyone wondering how there can be an extra $12B in the food stamp program, especially when the unemployment rate is around 10%? It appears that the Republicans have once again been outsmarted by the Democrats when they agreed to fund the bill through cuts in the food stamp program. In a few months advocates for the poor will be crying to Congress that people are going hungry because there are no food stamps available and Congress will of course pass an emergency bill to add another $20B (no that is not a typo) to the food stamp program to prevent these people from starving.

  2. This certainly kills any incentive to renegotiate salaries to match current economic conditions.

  3. I’m getting sick of congress (both parties) just not taking their jobs seriously. Funding teacher salaries via one-time grants from the federal government? That’s pure political hackery. The food stamps program won’t end up cut, they’ll just pass an “emergency” measure to restore its funding and run up the deficit a chunk more. This is just the government using a cash advance from their credit card to pay the credit card bill.

    I say we take the next six years and oust the lot of them and start over. We would get more serious government from randomly chosen high school students.

  4. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Politicians pay off their constituencies. That’s what they do.

    This neither surprises nor distresses me.

  5. Michael E. Lopez says:

    I should clarify:

    People on food stamps don’t contribute millions of dollars to political campaigns. Therefore, when the chips are down, the money flows back to them from whence it came and will surely come again.

    That’s what I meant by “constituencies”.

  6. Another union payoff

  7. A low, political thing to do.


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