New Orleans: From F to C

New Orleans schools have gone from an F to a C in five years, write Eduwonk guest bloggers  Sarah Newell Usdin and Neerav Kingsland of New Schools New Orleans.

Five years ago, New Orleans was perhaps America’s worst school system. The FBI convicted over twenty district officials for stealing from kids. A valedictorian of a local high school failed the high school exit exam. Five times. Her school had failed her. Her district had failed her. Her school board had failed her. At every level, the system was broken.

Five years later, NOLA is on the way up.

* We’ve out paced the state’s growth by nearly a factor of 4 over the past four years (growth of about 12 pts. vs. 3 pts)

* We’ve halved the percentage of failing schools (about 60% to 30%)

* Our highest-performing open-enrollment schools are out-performing selective-admission magnet schools.

The challenge, they write, is to go from C to A. They have some ideas about how to do it.

GOOD looks at the effort to rebuild New Orleans’ crumbling schools.

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