LA will adopt ‘value added’ approach

Los Angeles will analyze teachers’ and schools’ effectiveness using value-added analysis of test scores, said-Superintendent Ramon Cortines in a speech to administrators. Corines said ratings will account for at least 30 percent of a teacher’s evaluation. “The plan would require the consent of the teachers union,” notes the Los Angeles Times, which released its own analysis of teachers’ effectiveness in raising test scores.

Once the value-added data is validated, the district will release scores for schools but not for individual teachers, Cortines said.

Districts should disclose information on student achievement and teacher effectiveness, said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a speech in Little Rock. Value-added data provides feedback to teachers and information to parents, Duncan said.

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  1. Erin Johnson says:

    What an embarasement. Without the LA Times article, Cortines would have done nothing about removing poor teachers or improving student learning. Now he is suddenly a convert to using VAMs (an unstable, unreliable measure of teaching ability). With this type of “leadership” it is no wonder that LA schools are struggling.

  2. “The plan would require the consent of the teachers union,”

    This one sentence makes everything else Cortines has said abut using VAMs invalid.