Colleges launch ventures, aid start-ups

It’s entrepreneur day on Community College Spotlight: Community colleges are launching ventures to help revitalize their communities. Jeronimo Prieto Medina’s community college helped him pass the GED, earn welding, hydraulics and maintenance certificates and, finally, start his own business repairing heavy equipment.

Also, a California college invests in solar technology with hopes of becoming “grid positive,” generating more power than it uses.

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  1. It is easy to go “grid positive”, not so easy to do so in an economically-responsible manner.

    I very seriously doubt if this project “saves money for taxpayers” if you define “taxpayers” to include federal, state, and local taxpayers and you look at all the various subsidies involved in this project, including the interest-rate subsidies on the bonds.

  2. dangermom says:

    Butte College is perfectly situated for solar energy collection; it’s out in the middle of nowhere (equally accessible from the 3 or 4 small cities in the county) on a very slightly hilly site with few natural trees. And it’s almost always very sunny. They already run the whole place on solar–they’re just planning to put in more panels to generate extra.

    Whether it’s actually hugely money-saving or not I do not know, but the area is pretty ideal for solar and many homeowners do something kind of similar.


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